Who is Jane Abby?

Who is Jane Abby?  Jane Abby is genuine.  A woman who seeks the beauty around her.  Who makes the gray skies blue.  Jane Abby is kind and gracious.  Never ceasing to learn, grow, and challenge herself; always seeking to understand. She is bold, courageous, and brave.  Doesn't settle for mediocrity, and is a woman with great pride.  She does not boast, but is strong and confident.  A woman of humility who seeks to encourage those around her.  Jane Abby laughs and smiles through the good days, and holds her head high through the bad days.  She does not fear the unknown; instead she welcomes the new challenge.  She does not lose hope when faced with adversity because her faith is found in a Holy God who is far greater than she.  She stands up for what she believes in, and loves with everything shes got!  

 XOXO Britt 



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